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Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Orlando, Florida

Maintaining Your Electrical Equipment

Nearly every device or system in your life runs on electricity. As a result of this, it is extremely important that you hire a professional electrician when you need electrical repair work. By doing this, you ensure that your building’s wiring is up to code and functioning optimally. Whether you want to upgrade your business or safeguard your home, we have the team and tools to handle all your electrical needs. 

Less Similar Than You Think

Contrary to what you might believe, commercial and residential electrical wiring systems are completely different. They have distinctive energy needs, equipment arrangement, procedures and load demands. To help you better understand your building’s specifications, we have provided brief summaries cataloging the major differences between these two types of electrical systems.

Residential Electrical Wiring

Residential wiring is primarily designed with safety in mind. It is always covered with sheath installation that is meant to protect residents from electrical shocks. This wiring is usually run through places that keep it hidden from view, such as attics and wall interiors. This prevents accidents from occurring and keeps your home neat. 

Commercial Electrical Wiring

Generally, offices have greater power demands than residential buildings. The wiring for these properties is built to withstand higher voltages and produce a greater output. Commercial wiring also has more substantial insulation to protect the wires from corrosive substances. Sometimes unique outlets are installed to protect and assist sensitive or high-voltage equipment.

Our Extensive Electrical Services

In Phaze Electric Inc. strives to provide Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas with the most qualified electrical services available. Our team has hands-on experience working with both commercial and residential wiring jobs. This ensures that we can handle any electrical repair or installation that you need to get your building safe.