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Why Should You Rewire Your Home?

All of the homes here in Central Florida are wired with either aluminum or copper wiring. There was a brief time in the history of the electrical industry that aluminum wiring was manufactured and allowed by local and national authorities. I cannot answer as to why the future problems that would be created, of which we now know, were not fully realized prior to the acceptance of aluminum wiring into the industry. Regardless of why, the fact is that aluminum wiring in a home is dangerous. In my book it is one of the most dangerous possibilities of an electrical fire.
Aluminum wiring in the new construction of homes was prevalent mostly from 1964/'65 to 1974/'75. Unfortunately this was also a time that Federal Pacific Electric panels were used. The combination of aluminum wiring and Federal Pacific or Zinsco electric panels should be inspected every 5 years by a licensed and experienced electrician.

Aluminum is abundant throughout the world and America and was used more as a pure mineral in early foundry days of America. Aluminum is used now to add strength to other metals by providing some control of flexibility of bimetals.

Copper is the best mineral to use as wiring and conductors for the electrical industry for a few of reasons:

  • There is an abundance of copper in the world especially in America.
  • It is one of the best conductors of electricity.
  • It is malleable and durable.
It has come to my recent understanding that most insurance companies in Orlando and Central Florida are not insuring homes with aluminum wiring. There was a time that you could buy and sell a home by simply inspecting, repairing or installing pigtails at all outlets within the home. I am happy to see the government and insurance companies attempting to make homeowners aware of the dangers of having aluminum wiring.
In Phaze Electric has contracted with homeowners throughout Orlando and Central Florida to rewire their homes from a contract price of $2,500.00 for a one-bedroom late 1930′s home to a 7-year-old home that had all of the wiring stolen out of the home by thieves for $18,750.00.
Rewiring a home for us at In Phaze Electric is a breeze. We know what we are doing and we know the most efficient way to do it with regard to rewiring any home no matter the architecture. Please remember that you will have my personal supervision on any rewire of an aluminum-wired home in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida.

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