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Communication, Audio and Video Installation in Orlando, Florida

New and improved electrical equipment is designed every day. Whether you want surround sound for your home theater or a high-definition video display for your boardroom, we’ll get you the most advanced systems to enhance your space.

Our Entertainment and Utility Systems

Communication Devices

Do you need a new communication device to boost your home or business? We provide comprehensive services for a wide variety of systems. Our installations are efficient so that you can have your new system as soon as possible. Whether you need a new modem or a secure landline, we have the team to get you the system you need. ​​

Audio Equipment

There’s no replacement for an outstanding audio system. Fortunately, getting surround sound is now more affordable than ever before. To ensure that you have the best sound quality possible, we customize your audio system to perfectly complement your home. 

Video Displays

Do you love going to the movies? Now, you can enjoy the full experience of the cinema in your own home. Our crew has in-depth knowledge about the most modern, high-definition video systems. Complete your home theater with a top-quality video display that can’t be beaten.

Security Systems

In addition to our communication and entertainment units, we also provide installation of security systems. We will mount cameras in the locations that you have determined are the best locations to keep your property safe. 

We Are Ready for Your Call

Are you ready to enhance your home or office? Call In Phaze Electric Inc. to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate. We are excited to work with you on your new project, whether you’re wanting a cool new theater experience or you just need a security system.