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24/7 Emergency Electrical Repair in Orlando, Florida

HVAC Installer Strips Small Wires for a new Residential Furnace

Protect Your Property

You can’t afford to waste time when you have an electrical emergency. Get the help you need to deal with your emergency electrical situation. 

Check for Signs of Fire

Your safety is always the No. 1 priority. If you detect smoke or fire, call 911 immediately. After the firefighters have ensured that your property is safe, you can call our team to repair the damage.

Make Sure That Everyone Is Safe

Electrical emergencies can cause more problems than just starting fires. If you have exposed wires or other malfunctioning circuitry, your first priority should be to remove people from the hazardous areas. 

Before You Call an Electrician

After the safety of everyone is ensured, there are several things you should do to make sure your situation requires professional help. By following these steps, you will save time and money by ensuring that your situation is an electrical emergency.

Check Your Breakers

Sometimes the solution is simple. If your power has gone out, first verify that all your breakers are on. If one is tripped, flip it off and then back on again. If it trips again, you need to call an electrical contractor to repair it. Never touch your main breaker if you feel any heat coming from the panel.

Inspect Your Service Wire

Check your electrical service wire that runs from the street pole to your home. If it is damaged or rubbing against a tree limb, it may be the cause of your power fluctuations. If you see signs of wear, call a professional and keep people away from the exposed wires.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Often, the cause of a power outage comes from outside your property. You should check to see if streetlights or the buildings around you have also gone dark. Talk to your neighbors about their power. Generally, all you need to do is wait for the city to fix the issue. 

We Are Ready for You 24/7

Is your building having electrical problems? In Phaze Electric Inc. offers 24/7 emergency assistance so that you always have professional electrical repair services available to you. Call today to get the immediate help you need.