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Electric Service Equipment Inspections in Orlando, Florida

Electricians repairing breaker panel.

Enjoy Safe Electric Equipment

Your electric service equipment keeps your building running. It carries the full electrical load that is needed to power every device in your home. This is why it is extremely important that you keep this circuitry well-maintained. With professional inspections and maintenance, you will ensure that your systems are safe and energy-efficient for years to come. 

Our Intensive Inspections

There are several common issues that cause electrical problems. Our specialists perform in-depth analyses to determine if your system is at risk. Below are a few factors that we look for when performing our inspections​

Old or Faulty Equipment

If you own an old property, you need to update your equipment. Often, outdated wiring has sustained damage and does not meet the safety requirements of modern building codes. This can lead to dangerous shortages or electrical fires. 

Improperly Installed Equipment

It’s unfortunate, but there are many contractors who simply don’t take the time and care when installing electrical equipment. In our analysis, we check for loose connections and other common signs that the previous electrician made a mistake.

Appropriate Wire Sizing

The wire size you need is determined by the electrical load it is required to convey. If your breaker size is rated higher than the maximum current carried by the wire, there is a risk that the insulation covering the line might melt.

Keep Your Equipment Maintained

It’s recommended that you have your building inspected every 20 years. If you’ve just bought a property, we advise you get one immediately, especially if the property is older and has not been recently examined. At In Phaze Electric Inc., we are always ready to provide you with the electrical repair work you need to feel safe in your space again.