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orlando florida generator sales service and installation, portable generatorHere in Florida everyone should have a generator. On average, every home in America suffers at least 24 hours of power failure in a year. In Florida, a power failure can last for days rather than hours. With Florida being prone to hurricane damaging winds, power failure is to be expected. In Phaze Electric can install any type of generator for your home or business. Generator installs can be surprisingly inexpensive. We can install service to a portable generator for as little as $500.00 in some cases. You can purchase a portable 12KW generator from most home improvement stores for around $500.00 and up. For larger systems, 10KW and up, the cost of course goes up.




generac generator installedThe best buy for your buck is to install a whole house generator.  Whole house generators provide a sense of security knowing that if and when you lose power your generator will automatically start up and keep you going.  Prices range from $2500 to $7000 depending on the size of your home and the generator manufacturer.  Most whole house generators we install are automatic and are able to power the entire home.  These generators can be powered by gasoline, propane, natural gas or diesel all of which should be considered and planned prior to making any decisions.



Here is a list of the many Generators we sell and install:

Generac Power Systems



Echo, Inc.



Kubota Tractor


Sears Craftsman

Southern Generators


Yamaha Motors


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