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Custom Home Wiring

Electrician working in home
In Phaze Electric prides itself on the quality and expertise we provide when it comes to custom home wiring. There are no clear standards in the National Electrical Code with regard to the aesthetics of electrical wiring installation. In recent years NFPA 70 Article 90 has made some mention of craftsmanship
Builders, inspectors and owners alike understand the difference when it comes to quality wiring craftsmanship. There are very neat and efficient means to wiring a home and there are also very inefficient and unsafe ways to wire a home. In Phaze Electric wires custom homes unlike most other electrical contracting companies. We go the extra mile so that everyone knows that In Phaze Electric wired the house. We look forward to hearing from you.

Smart Home Technology

In today‚Äôs modern world and the ever increasing demand for automation, luxury and efficiency, In Phaze Electric offers, in addition to custom home electrical wiring, Smart Home Wiring. Smart Home systems offer automation as never seen before. Control your lighting, heating and air, door locks and more from your PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone and, not to mention, remotely from within your home. Smart Home also provide means to track efficiency of your appliances alerting you when equipment needs servicing or when it is failing. All homes of the future will likely be Smart Home but just remember that your home technology is sacred and you should consult a certified and licensed Smart Home professional prior to construction or wiring. In Phaze Electric Inc. does have professionals that we recommend that will work to help us complete the project.

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